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DVSA enforcement agency for tyre labelling

BTMA welcomes the adoption of enforcement powers for the tyre labelling regulation

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The Department for Transport (DfT) has adopted legislation creating powers to enforce the labelling regulation from 1st January with civil sanctions.  The industry has long argued that criminal sanctions are an inappropriate response and have strongly defended the case for civil sanctions.  These can be both more proportionate and more effective as they focus on remedying the wrong rather than punishing it.

Earlier this year DfT appointed the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Compliance Unit as enforcement authority for the tyre labelling regulation.  The DVSA replaces the earlier guardian, the National Measurement Office, that was active in the early years of the Regulation.  The DVSA has already conducted 68 “mystery shopper” visits and found 78% of tyre retailers were not compliant with the requirement to provide the labelling information.

Karl Naylor, BTMA Chairman said: “Consumer information about tyre performance is gaining recognition for its potential contribution to reducing environmental impact and improving road safety.  It may be an uphill journey in a price-focused market, but we must all play our part in bringing about the necessary changes in consumer behaviour.”

Tyre suppliers and distributors can read more about their obligations regarding tyre labelling by following this link.


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