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The stages of manufacture

Tyres are a complex combination of components made from numerous ingredients.  Tyre manufacture is a multi-stage process.

Production of rubber compounds

Tyres commonly contain a dozen or more different rubber compounds, each formulated for the demands of a particular application within the tyre.

Manufacturing of components

Steel and textile reinforcing components are embedded in rubber and prepared for assembly into the tyre.  Rubber profiles that will form the tread, sidewalls, etc are extruded or calendered.

Building the tyre

The various semi-finished products come together and are assembled on the tyre building machine.   The tyre is made in two stages: first the casing and then the tread and belt assembly.


In the heated curing press the tyre receives its final shape and properties after vulcanisation under carefully controlled conditions of temperature and pressure.  The tyre takes on the tread pattern and sidewall markings engraved in the curing mould.

Quality control

Tyres are a safety-critical element of every vehicle on the road.  Every stage of production is subject to strict quality control measures.  Finished tyres are subject to visual and X-ray inspection and checked for uniformity.


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