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On 1 April 2018 the Retread manufacturers’ Association joined forces with the BTMA to build a stronger platform to represent retread manufacturing in the UK.

Retreading gives suitable tyres a new start in life once the original tread is worn away. it is a modern, hi-tech process with a long pedigree in efficiently managing scarce resources. Today’s product embodies the latest in materials science and manufacturing technology to deliver performance in almost all respects equal to the original tyre. Strict regulation and rigorous quality control ensure that the customer can buy with confidence. So much so that 80% of civil airliners are fitted with retreaded tyres.

Retreading Technologies

Retreading designates the technical process allowing the life extension of a used tyre.

It basically consists in the replacement of the worn-out tread. The retreaded tyre is brought back into the same service conditions without sacrificing tyre road performances. This process may be repeated as long as the casing integrity is guaranteed. The production of retreaded tyres is mainly concentrated on truck, passenger car, off the road and aircraft tyres. You can view the documents relating to retreading technologies on the ETRMA website here.

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