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BTMA members are pursuing the use of recycled, recovered and bio-sourced materials in new tyres without loss of functional performance.  New tyres with 30% recycled and 50% bio-sourced content are in prospect for 2050.

BTMA members have developed alternative plant-based sources of natural rubber (a key constituent of truck tyres) to relieve pressure on supplies from rainforest plantations and have launched pilot plants to produce synthetic rubber from biomass.

Carbon black and silica recovered by the pyrolysis of used tyres have the potential for use in new tyres: the first UK industrial-scale plant is currently under construction.  BTMA members are also pursuing projects to recover chemical feedstocks from end-of-life tyres for the manufacture of synthetic rubber.  In the longer term, elastomers recovered directly from end-of-life tyres could be used in new tyres if current research into reversing the tyre curing process is successful.

  • Measures to stimulate the recovery and use of high-level secondary raw materials from tyres offer the triple win of improved recovery outcomes, UK contribution to the regenerative circular economy for tyres and potential UK export growth.
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