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Surveys show repeatedly that 25% of vehicles have at least one tyre 25% under-inflated. As a result, over 600,000 tyres and 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 are wasted in the UK every year. Under-inflation and misalignment significantly reduce tyre life. Both can be easily detected and rectified and yet remain longstanding issues in tyre management.

Improved tyre stewardship would bring significant improvement to both the environmental impact of mobility and to road safety. In the case of truck tyre retreading it would also increase the proportion of used tyres in a condition suitable for remanufacture, enabling further growth in this sector. (Presently, almost 50% of used tyres submitted for retreading are rejected).

Technology is now widely available to improve driver information regarding tyre inflation and condition. This includes retro-fit tyre pressure monitoring systems for commercial vehicles and drive-over laser reader installations for all vehicle types.

  • A combination of customer education and incentives for technology deployment is needed to enable improved road safety and reduced environmental impact.
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