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BTMA members have very high standards of manufacturing quality control. Tyre manufacturing defects are extremely rare. The underlying causes of most tyre complaints are either vehicle defects (eg incorrect wheel alignment) or user related (eg kerb impact damage).

The industry has an agreed process for managing consumer complaints. See below. You can also read the industry Code of Practice regarding the handling of consumer complaints. If you want expert help in pursuing a claim there are independent tyre consultants who offer this service.

The consultants’ expertise has usually been derived from many years of experience gained in the tyre or automotive industries. However, BTMA makes no guarantee, express or implied, as to the competence of the consultants who are entirely independent of the Association.

The consultants offer a professional service for which they charge the consumer. Charges may vary between consultants and according to the complexity of the case. In certain cases it may be possible to recover this cost retrospectively from the supplier or manufacturer concerned. However, in all cases the service contract is between the consumer and the consultant. Consequently, it is the consumer’s responsibility to first pay the consultant and subsequently seek redress from the supplier or manufacturer, if appropriate.

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