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BTMA welcomes the government’s commitment not only to achieving the best whole-life commercial outcome of government procurement but also to supporting key social and environmental objectives.  The present system of Framework Agreements makes it easy for public-sector customers to call off supplies of goods.  However, repeatedly buying new tyres at least cost may not be the optimum solution to fulfilling the need for tyres at least economic and environmental cost.  Tyre management contracts and the use of retreaded tyres offer multiple advantages.  We are concerned that public sector vehicle fleets should not be excluded from these beneficial opportunities.  Equally, we strongly advocate that public procurement contracts should ensure that outsourced service providers are also deploying tyre management policies aligned with environmental best practice.

  • Procurement officials should be encouraged and empowered to pursue the opportunities of servitisation as a means of creating additional value both economic and social
  • Procurement policy should favour the use of remanufactured goods where appropriate product accreditation and performance guarantees are available.
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