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BTMA works in concert with the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) to provide authoritative guidance on the optimal use of tyres to maximise safety, performance and longevity.

BTMA guidance is widely respected for being fact-based and commercially neutral.

BTMA and its members also work closely with other Industry organisations to identify and share best practice through British and International standards.

More advice about tyres is available from TyreSafe and ETRTO.

The guidance provided on this website is based on the general operating practices and environment found in the United Kingdom.   No undertaking express or implied is given regarding the applicability of these comments to other operating environments.

Although great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of this guidance to ensure accuracy, the BTMA cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility for errors or omissions or for the advice given on this website. All and any such liability is expressly disclaimed to the full extent permitted by the law.

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