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Technology is allowing the collection of vital real-time data regarding tyre operating conditions.  This data can inform appropriate preventive actions, improving road safety and reducing cost and environmental impact.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems have been standard on all new cars and light vans since 2014.  It will become a requirement for new heavy commercial vehicles from 2022.  Easy-to-install retro-fit TPMS systems are now available at low cost for all types of vehicle, including trailers, that were not equipped from new.

TPMS provides warning of tyre pressure loss, enabling early corrective action to be taken before matters become more serious.  However, TPMS doesn’t re-inflate your tyres or identify the cause of pressure loss!

Associated with a retro-fit TPMS system, wheel-mounted sensors can also provide early indication of wheel nut loosening, the precursor of wheel loss, an infrequent but serious occurrence on heavy commercial vehicles.

Drive-over laser readers are able to check tyre pressure, tread depth and other information at locations like service stations, vehicle check sites and haulage depots.  Following successful trials, Highways England is rolling out an installation programme to reduce the number of tyre-related breakdowns of heavy commercial vehicles. You can read the report of the trials here.


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