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All new and retreaded tyres are required to meet international minimum performance standards.  However, in the wet the best-performing tyres (A-rated) stop in two-thirds the distance of those just meeting the minimum standard.  That’s the difference between pulling up short and a collision, between receiving a stiff neck and life-changing injuries, or worse.  For you or for others.

Tyres with the lowest rolling resistance cost more than those that just meet the minimum standard.  But the extra cost is soon recovered in improved fuel economy.  After that it’s savings all the way and the CO2 savings start from day one.  Vehicle manufacturers fit low rolling resistance tyres as original equipment for their important contribution to reducing vehicle emissions.  Tyres are not all equal.  Make sure you specify replacement tyres with the same performance as the original equipment in order to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

Buying better tyres is like having an insurance policy that pays for itself.  It’s good to have that shorter stopping distance even though you hope you’ll never need it.  And the fuel savings pay for it.  What’s more, you’ll be doing the right thing for the planet.  What’s not to like?


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