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DVSA BTMA CV tyre management

Publication heralds new alignment of tyre-related guidance from government and industry

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association is launching a comprehensive update of its widely-respected Guide to tyre management for heavy commercial vehicles. The revised edition is the fruit of close collaboration between experts from tyre manufacturers and the DVSA. It also includes valuable contributions from the vehicle operator associations.
The extended scope builds on operational experience gained since the Guide was first published 5 years ago. In addition to clear information about maintaining roadworthiness, the updated document also encompasses the latest regulation about tyre age and addresses the heightened importance of environmental considerations in tyre management.

As a complement to the Guide, the joint task force has also created a 5-point driver’s daily visual checklist for tyres. The one-page infographic is simple, to the point and avoids technical jargon. Both documents are available, free to download, on the BTMA website:

The collaboration between government and industry reflects a shared ambition for improved alignment of guidance from different sources. Soon-to-be published revisions of relevant DVSA documents will also reflect this intention. The combined documents will represent an integrated package of policy positions and guidance for improving and maintaining the roadworthiness of tyres on heavy commercial vehicles.

Karl Naylor, BTMA chairman said: “We are delighted to launch the new-look Guide with its extended scope and heightened relevance. This year-long project demonstrates tyre manufacturers’ commitment to industry collaboration with government in support of greater professionalism and improved roadworthiness”.



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