Retreading has for many years been an integral and highly reputed part of aircraft and heavy vehicle tyre management programmes. The technology is safe and proven; 80% of civil airliners are fitted with retreaded tyres. 25,000 UK buses and 70% of UK supermarket delivery lorries also run on retreads. The world’s five largest tyre manufacturers (representing more than 50% of global tyre production) all have in-house truck tyre retread programmes.

There is also a significant independent retread sector using quality materials and manufacturing technology supplied by international specialists. Before acceptance for retreading every used tyre casing is subjected to rigorous examination and testing for internal and external damage. Retreads are required to pass to the same ‘Endurance under overload’ test as new tyres.

Like new tyre manufacturing, the retreading process is subject to strict Conformity of Production testing to ensure that every tyre is made to the same exacting standards. As part of its focus on incident prevention Highways England recently commissioned research regarding the origin of truck tyre debris on the road. The conclusion cleared retreads of any suspicion of more frequent failure than new tyres.

Retreading promotes sustainable development,increa ses supply resilience and contributes to the UK economy through skills, employment and added value.