BTMA and RMA  are highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of retreaded truck tyres to both government and industry. We welcome government’s commitment to double resource efficiency and improve the environment. Truck tyre retreading is an excellent example of best practice in resource efficiency. BTMA has various resources available concerning truck tyre retreading including a retreading brochure, a presentation made to MPs and also the Chairman’s message to Minister of the Environment, Dr Thérèse Coffey and selected MPs.


A number of issues require urgent action by government:

Stop waste crime facilitated by current regulations
Government must urgently implement its proposed regulatory changes to address waste crime and market distortion. There is no time to lose in putting the waste sector on the road to recovery: recovery of legal compliance, recovery of financial health and, not least, recovery of valuable resources from waste.

Public procurement as a lever for improved resource efficiency
The right metrics are urgently needed to recognise the valuable environmental contribution of retreads and other remanufactured goods. Government must urgently establish the necessary indices. The availability of appropriate metrics will inform and influence both public and private sector purchasing decisions in many sectors, not just tyres.

Future trade policy
Tyre manufacture is a global business and BTMA members are committed to the principles of free trade. However, free trade must not equate to a free-for-all. The legal framework surrounding the future application of trade remedies must serve the government’s policies regarding growth and environmental performance.

Incentives for increased resource efficiency
We welcome Government’s consideration of fiscal measures to motivate resource efficient behaviours by business and consumers. Government must work closely with business to develop an effective and coherent palette of measures which avoid perverse outcomes in the marketplace.