Premium retreading is a hi-tech industry employing sophisticated plant and highly-skilled workers. Retreads offer a similar life expectancy to the original tyre with significant environmental benefits. Over 85% of the returned tyre casing is reused in the retreaded tyre. Each time a truck tyre is retreaded 30kg of rubber, up to 20kg of steel and 60 kg of CO2 are saved. Many premium quality truck tyres can be retreaded more than once, offering a total life expectancy of over 375,000 miles – 15 times round the world!

However, not all tyres have the necessary durability and are unsuitable for retreading due to their design, materials or manufacturing quality. This is the case for many low-cost single-life tyres. Their life expectancy typically does not exceed 80,000 miles. A truck fleet deploying a tyre policy based on premium tyres and retreading uses less than a quarter as many tyres compared to one using single-life throw-away tyres.