Over 85% of the worn out tyre is reused in a retread, significantly reducing the environmental impact of mobility and giving a useful cost saving to the vehicle operator. 95% of truck tyre retreads used in the UK are made in the UK compared to fewer than 10% of new truck tyres. Retreading also greatly reduces the quantity of end-of-life tyres which require recovery.

There is mounting public and Government awareness of the importance of increasing resource efficiency and the opportunity this represents for UK economic growth. Retreading promotes sustainable development, increases supply resilience and contributes to the UK economy through skills, employment and added value.

However, in recent years the market share of retreaded truck tyres has declined by 30% under the assault of single-life throw-away tyres imported from Asia at dumping prices. Retreading will grow in strategic significance as resource efficiency gains importance in national policy. The present UK capability, both human and material, has the potential to make an increasing contribution in the long term. In the meantime, Government must defend a truly level playing field where the economic and environmental benefits of truck tyre retreading can be fairly pitted against the whole life costs and adverse environmental impact of single-life tyres.